Ford Mustang SUV Mustang Electric Car 2020

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Ford Mustang SUV

Ford mustang suv Today we are going to see the Ford Mach-E. So I find it very, very interesting and kind of fun actually, because competition in the electric vehicle spaceis finally starting to come out.  Where the legacy manufacturers are coming out with vehicles that aren’t just prototypes but actual cars that they should be bringing out on the market. And in a way, I felt like maybe Ford is mocking Tesla with the name. Elon Musk wanted to name his cars sexy. S, E, X, Y, and instead it’s S, 3, X, Y, which is kind of funny because Ford filed for the patent or the trademark for E for electric cars in that space and Elon even mentioned it during the Model Y launch and how he was kind of bothered about it. But they must have heard it and they said let’s launch our car and let’s do it right literally in Tesla’s backyard.

So I’m gonna show you guys what a Ford electric car event looks like, and so yeah. Let’s go to the Ford electric car event. (suspenseful tones) All right so I’m walking in right now and this is the exact same place that I stood in line for like 45 minutes for the semi-truck event. All those people. So we’re at the very front. If you look through these hedges right here, look what you see. And then they unveiled the roadster. I feel like these are even the exact same shrubs.

Naturally because this is in Tesla’s backyard and because it is an electric car that Ford is releasing, I can’t help but make comparisons to Tesla. I’m not gonna do it all night long. But from an event standpoint, Tesla typically has a lot of people, I would say that are much younger of a crowd. And there aren’t as many suits when you go to a Tesla event. And I should clarify, this is the Ford Mustang Mach-E, so this is going to be the electric version of the Mustang, which is pretty cool. That’s an iconic car. So it’ll be interesting to see what the range is, how fast it is, and of course, how sexy does it look.

Mustang Electric Car 2020

This is an electric blue buzz, and it’s, when you bite the flower it gives you this buzzing, numbing sensation in your mouth, they say. But the rest of it is a touch screen and then it does something that I’m sure a lot of Tesla Model 3 and future Model Y people would love to have. It has a screen behind the steering wheel so you’ve got the two screens. Other auto manufacturers that are coming out with electric cars, please take a cue from Ford and from Tesla, because Tesla already did something that is really working well. It’s very minimalistic.

Ford Mustang SUV

Everything that you need to access is available on the touchscreen, and you can have software updates. That’s what Ford did, but they added their own twist on it by having the knob and then also having the heads-up display behind the steering wheel. So I like that. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel every time, and we also don’t need a million buttons like a lot of gas cars have that are inside of these cars.

So that’s great. The door handles, like how you actually access the car is actually pretty cool. There’s just a button on it that you just push the button and it opens up. And on the front door you can push the button and it has a little bit of a handle that you can pull on. For cold weather locations and it’s really icy outside, that might be a little bit difficult. I’m not sure how that’s gonna work out with just having the little tiny button. But I really like the idea of it. It keeps the car more aerodynamic and you don’t have to have this big handle that’s sticking out all the time.

I love how the Teslas keep it really, really flat right there. As a tall person, if I was sitting in the middle back seat, which doesn’t happen all that often, but at least you’re not an inch or two higher and that much closer to the ceiling, versus the people on your left and right. Now for the price of this vehicle, it’s gonna be a range. I think the lowest is around 40,000, and it goes up to like 60, $65,000. On the lowest price range, it’s around 5.5 second zero to 60, which is a bit underwhelming for an electric car.

But for the price range, it’s not bad. It’s still gonna feel faster than a lot of gas cars. For the GT version of the Mach-3, that’s gonna be in the 60 range. That one goes zero to 60 in like three and a half seconds. So that’s pretty good. Well I love that they did the Mustang name and kept it within that family. I personally would love to see something that looks a little bit more like the race cars, the GTs, the actual older Mustangs that’s like a car that’s fast and powerful and strong. And maybe that’s something they’re gonna come out within later iterations. But for now, they’re launching with kind of a SUV type thing. It only has the five seats, but it has a little bit more storage room in the back.

More of a family car, and I would imagine they’re going to sell a lot more than that. I know with the Tesla Model Y with that size, Elon seems to think that the Model Y is going to sell more units than any other Tesla on their whole production. And I would imagine it’s just because that’s kind of the size, especially in America, that a lot of people wanna buy for their cars. But I mean, come on, give me that Shelby Mustang. Let’s get something fast and sexy that’s gonna burn the rubber off of the car. All right looks like we get a test ride. We just filled out a waiver saying that if it crashes and we get hurt, then it’s our fault.

But it’s interesting. This is the exact same spot that I rode in the Tesla Roadster, and it was zero to 60 in 1.9 seconds, right down this same old place. They have like lights and everything set up there We’re riding on these guys. Just interesting that we’re in the exact same place literally, inside of Tesla’s backyard. They could have gone anywhere in the world to do this event, and they chose to do it in this exact spot. And it was no coincidence. So, we are up. Time to go hop in the Mach-E. Let’s feel the Mustang, the power. It was cozy, smooth, slalom course was, I mean it handled well. Wasn’t really like a performance vehicle, but Like I kinda felt like we shouldn’t be doing this, but we’re doing it because we’re Yeah. – It wasn’t, it didn’t feel like it was built for that. I guess that’s what I’m trying to say. Like for the slalom course, the acceleration. For people that have never driven an electric car before, that’s gonna feel really, really cool. And I think it’s a great car for the price point but– – I think he kinda held back on the zero to 60 as well.

It was a little bit like wait, are we going, are we not? Acceleration. – The value’s there, it’s a tremendous value. – You know that saying where it’s like a rising tide, what is it, what does that say? – A rising tide lifts all sales. – Right, okay. So now that we have Bill Ford talking about how important electric cars are and that they’re the future and that he’s excited about them, I feel like (mumbles) become more publicly acceptable to get an electric car and that’s gonna do nothing but help everybody else that’s coming out with electric cars. It’s becoming the mainstream thing to get an electric car, so that’s a great thing for this event too. Today kicks off the first day of an entire week that I am going to be in Los Angeles, and I’m here for the LA Auto Show, and this is the first event that I’m going to. The first few days are just for media, and those are the days that I’m going to be there. But it is open to the general public. And I would imagine that Ford is going to have the Mach-E there on display, so if you want to see it, go to the LA Auto Show and you guys can check it out.

Ford Mustang SUV

One thing that I did is I reached out to the LA Auto Show and I asked if they can hook some of my viewers up and so, they gave me 25 general admission tickets to the LA Auto Show for this next week, and if you would like them, I’ll put a link in the description and tell you how you can get them. I’m just gonna give those away to 25 of you that are near the California, LA area and wanna come see this car and some of the other cars that are there. One other video you’re going to see this week is going to definitely be the Tesla pickup truck event, which I think that is going to be the coolest car that you’ve ever seen.

Mustang Electric Car 2020

The range is gonna be ridiculous, the design’s gonna be outrageous, and the power’s gonna be incredible. I’ve only owned one truck in the last 16 years of my married life and the Tesla pickup truck, I’m already kinda calling it, I think I’m gonna be owning one of those. Overall impressions from the event, it was fun. I’m glad that I’m here. I feel like I’m part of the generation of life and I’m right at the front of it, to where this entire world is going toward electric cars. So there you go. Ford, welcome to the electric car party. And thanks for the Mustang cookie. You know the way to my heart.


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