Jaguar Electric Car Launch in USA

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The best car company Jaguar Comeback to car industry with new brand called Jaguar Electric Car.

jaguar electric car

Jaguar as one of the famous brands of high class cars is known to have an Jaguar Electric Car line-up called I-pace. The existence of electric cars is now starting to as a future vehicle. In world, PT Wahana Auto Ekamarga (WAE) as the Authorized Distributor of Jaguar Land Rover in Indonesia was reportedly ready to bring the Jaguar electric car to the streets of Indonesia in the year 2019.

It is not without reason, it is based on government instruction that encourages producers to immediately present electric-powered car products. Currently, the Jaguar I-Pace is still not launched, and will only be in the European and Asian markets in the year 2018. “Jaguar I-Pace will go into European markets and some Asian countries are on 2018. For Indonesia if there is regulation to help us make this car become more attractive in the market and we will try to bring in 2019, “said Chief Operating Officer PT WAE, Roland Staehler Yang Mas Sena lansir from DetikOto.

jaguar electric car

Reported from The Sun, E-Pace is very confusing because the E in question does not indicate that this car carry an environmentally friendly electric (electric) machine. However, the mention of the name is derived from the word, I-Pace, aka Ingenium, which is still the status of internal combustion engines (conventional).

On the other hand, in addition to the above reasons he claimed to also still wait for a concrete government policy about electric cars. He reveals that if the policy of the government does not require electric cars then it will certainly contribute. “If the government is also a policy about electric vehicles we will certainly contribute yes,” he said. Sure it becomes something of interest to wait.


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