Mercedes Electric Car 2020 Review Product

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Mercedes electric car

Mercedes electric car – Found My Dream Electric Car! Today I’m going to show you literally the car of my dreams. And somehow, it exists in real life. Yes, Mercedes has come out with their latest concept of their electric Car, and this time it’s a sedan, it’s a car. I present to you, the car of my dreams, the Mercedes EQS. We’ve done a lot of videos on electric cars, and a lot of them have been on our Tesla because we’ve had Teslas for like four or five years. The Mercedes Vision EQS is their first sedan that is going to come out. We’ve seen the EQC, we’ve driven that around. That’s been a really nice car, and some of you are going to be like, “Oh, well they’re just copying Tesla,” because they have the Model S, but no. If you remember back to the video that we did where we cut open an S-Class seat of a Mercedes.

The S-Class is their most luxurious line, in fact it’s been around for 47 years. Now this is a concept car, the Vision EQS. I don’t know how many of the things are going to come to this actual production car, but I hope that it’s almost everything, because I would buy this car right now. Take my money. It’s the most beautiful car I’ve ever seen, and they’re not paying me to say this. One thing I think is cool is that they’ve got the Mercedes stars that are all over the front of this design, without the circles on it. There’re almost 1000 LED lights that are inside of the entire grill in the front of this thing. And I really like the rose gold touches that are all around this. In a way, from afar, it looks like this is a very simple, plain design that goes straight back, but once you get closer you notice a lot of the little details, like the rose gold, and all the LED lights that are part of this.

Mercedes Electric Car 2020

Mercedes Electric Car 2020

One thing that is really smart that Mercedes is looking to do is to build off of the same battery platform for all of their electric cars. So this car, while it is a sedan, it is a bit wider, and it’s a bit longer than what you typically see from some sedans, but it should have the same battery pack that’s gonna go into a lot of the cars, including the EQC. What this allows Mercedes to do is to really ramp up their electric car production over the next two to five years. They can use a similar battery pack system in every one of their cars and just build the cars in a different way. I personally like the idea of having a bigger sedan. 24-inch rims. Yes, bring that to production some day. But enough talk about the outside, we need to get on the inside and take a ride in this thing. All right, here we are inside of the concept car, it’s a beautiful car.

One of the things that Mercedes did with the EQC, which I like that they’re doing with their entire EQ line, is they’re featuring a lot of different lighting throughout it. There’s this blue light inside, and the light can change colors based off of your preferences and the things that you like. This should be a giant touch screen. For the show model, it doesn’t have it on there, but you can imagine that it would have touch screens in here, maybe some sort of digital image that is displayed in the front of the car. I am somebody that is really simplistic, and I like to have less buttons. Some of the material that’s going to be used, even in the roof of the car, the fabric from it, is going to be used with plastic that they actually salvaged from the ocean and are recycling and using that within their cars.

You’re not gonna see this type of steering wheel inside of the actual car, I would imagine, at full production. But, let’s take this thing for a ride. Here we go! I don’t know if I’ve told you guys yet, but we’re actually in Tokyo right now, so if you like look out the window, there’s a bunch of fishing boats and a bunch of Japanese guys that are, like, actually taking pictures of us, ’cause they’re never seen this before. And Mercedes was cool enough to fly me out here to take a look at the car and show it to you guys. It obviously is not street-legal yet, so we are in, like, a private parking lot right now in this fishing village.

Mercedes Electric Car 2020

Mercedes Electric Car 2020

And some of the stats that I’m sure you guys want to know, and of course, we have to wait ’til the full production comes out, but early on what they’re saying is that the charge could get up to 350 kilowatt hours, which if you remember the video I did recently about selling I have to imagine with this being the luxury sedan or the S-Class of electric cars for Mercedes, this sedan’s gonna be super comfortable inside and ride really, really smooth. Zero to 60 time on this right now they’re saying it’s going to be 4.5 seconds. I feel like anywhere in that 4 second range, like honestly, is fast enough. The car that my wife drives, hers is 4.8 seconds, and it’s plenty fast. Get the comfortable seats in here, hot stone massage, extra leg room in the back, the great sound system, keep it sexy on the outside. If it holds true to that, then If you’ve never bought an electric car, is this one that you would buy? Yep, that’s it from Tokyo, I’m just gonna sit here with the car for a little bit longer and touch it, ’cause I really like it.


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